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  • The property consists of an old oil Mill and its house annexed. Both the house and the oil Mill have been carefully restored and decorated using local materials, having respected the original architecture of the building that dates back to the 19th Century, and maintaining its original flavour. Image of the building before the reconstruction.
  • Works began in the year 2.002, when the roof was reconstructed for both the Oil Mill and the farmhouse. Image of the roof after the reconstruction.
  • The existing walls and arcs date back to the XIX century. They have been preserved as they were in good condition.
  • Afterwards works took place inside the Oil Mill and the farmhouse, that lasted until 2.005. Having in mind a project of a Guest House with the highest quality, everything was restored to guarantee the maximum comfort to the future guests. Original materials of the house or from local constructions were used every time it was possible. Actual view.
  • Views from years 2002/2005.
  • In the year 2.006 the reconstruction outside the house was finished.
  • Also in 2.006 the garden was created, designed with different Mediterranean flora, and the pool. Views in years 2006/2013.
  • View of the garden and the pool in 2.013.
  • Finally in the year 2.009 a cottage house inside one of the courtyards was restored, with an upper room and a sitting room with its own fireplace.
  • We look forward to your visit relaxing at the fireplace.



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    21200 Aracena, Huelva


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