The Natural Park of Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche is characterized by its extensive oak and chestnut forests, high rainfall, mild climate and interesting natural and cultural heritage. This variety of forest environments is home to an interesting array of wildlife. Inside the Park you can find reed deer, wild boar, or wild sheep, and mammals such as the Egyptian mongoose, genet and the evasive otter. There is also a wide variety of bird life: you can see birds including different eagles, vultures, kites and black storks in flight above the park. A good way to discover all these natural attractions is walking on the signposted trails or going on a peaceful horse riding route.

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Inside the Natural Park, Molino Fuente Santa is only 10 minutes from the marvellous Aracena, the main town of the area that offers everything you can need: supermarkets, travel agency, banks, and specialized shops. You can also enjoy in Aracena the Caves of Marvels, very likely to be the most beautiful caves in the world, and the XIII century Castle of Aracena.

Not to be missed either are the local villages and their interesting heritage. You can visit the monuments of Almonaster la Real, with its castle, church and mosque, Cortegana Castle, one of the best conserved in the region, and the fortress of Sancho IV in Cumbres Mayores. Another option is to visit “La Peña de Arias Montano” Peak in Alájar, a highly interesting natural attraction.

Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche is also the region where the famous “Jamon Iberico de bellota” is borned. The hills of the sierra are densely wooded with holm and cork oaks. Their fruit is the only food for the Iberian pigs between middle of October until January, giving to the Iberico ham its original and unique flavour. Before leaving you should try the exquisite “Jamón Ibérico de Bellota” (cured iberico ham from pigs that have been feed only with the oaks fruit). The main Iberico ham factories are in the near towns of Jabugo and Cumbres Mayores, just 35 minutes distance from Molino Fuente Santa. And you can discover the region's cured meat producing history at the Ham Museum in Aracena

The regional gastronomy has other delicious products: game, goat's cheese, cured meats and, of course, chestnuts prepared in many different ways. Another local culinary product, the wild mushroom, attracts mycology enthusiasts every year. They come to events and courses to learn how to recognize these fungi and their properties, and you can savour them in many places during the mushroom season.

As you will see, Molino Fuente Santa itself is in the middle of a genuine countryside region. You may choose to relax with a good book and a cool glass of wine inside the property or take some days to explore and enjoy the wealth of nature and culture that can be found in this corner of Andalucia. The choice is yours!



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